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Recent Press

Reporting on AI-Generated Nudes

Live on-air interview, KCBS Radio

(6 November 2023)

AI Fake Nudes are Booming. It's Ruining Real Teens' Lives

Quoted expert, The Washington Post

(5 November 2023)

Deep Fake Porn Is Out Of Control

Featured expert, Wired

(16 October 2023)

Nude Photo Scheme Involving Teens and AI

On camera interview, ABC News

(3 October 2023)

El 96% de las imágenes de Inteligencia Artificial son pornografía no consentida: quién jugará con nuestros cuerpos sintéticos

Quoted Expert, El País

(19 September 2023)

"In age of AI, women battle rise of deepfake porn

Quoted Expert, AFP: France 24, Yahoo News, Japan Today

(24 July 2023)

"Why is Deepfake Porn So Harmful?

Podcast Interview, For Fact's Sake

(18 May 2023)

"How real people are caught up in Reddit's AI porn explosion

Quoted expert, Forbes

(11 May 2023)

"The world of deepfake porn: How fabricated videos are being used to harm women" 

Quoted expert, i News

(28 September 2022)

"Deep Fakes: The Legal Challenges of a Synthetic Society Report to the Dutch Government" 

Featured expert, Government Report

(January 2022)

"The Biggest Deepfake Abuse Site Is Growing in Disturbing Ways"

Quoted expert, WIRED

(15 December 2021)