Participatory Research: Youth & Digital Abuse 

Leading a participatory research project on digital abuse operating across the University of Pennsylvania and three local public schools. 

Who is invited to the Metaverse?

Investigating emerging issues of commodification, exclusion, and inequality in the metaverse. 

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Closing Socio-Economic Attainment Gaps

Leading a school-wide strategy to improve outcomes for low-SES students. Launching a data-driven monitoring system and implementing school-wide policy changes.

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International Symposium on Image-Based Abuse

Connecting an international group of survivors, activists, and researchers with tech executives to address digital sexual violence.

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Development Strategy 

Raising and managing £10.6 million in private donations to support eight nationwide education programs. Stewarding  partnerships with high-net-worth individuals, corporate donors, and foundations.  Supporting the development of two advisory boards. Working in a team of three fundraisers.

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Community Engagement Strategy

Managing two university-community partnerships. Running media production training for activists, media makers, and community partners.

Anti-Abortion Disinformation

Analyzing disinformation campaigns that position maternal-fetal surgery as a replacement for abortion. 

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Multimodality: Grad School Pipeline  

Delivering a program of support for underrepresented students pursuing doctoral study with an interest in multimodality.  

Youth Program Management

Managing residential camps for children aged 5-15 in foster care.  Leading training, safeguarding, and liaison with social services and caregivers. 

Reporting Without Platforming 

Researching how journalists write about trolls and identifying strategies they could use to improve their coverage.

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Not surviving...but thriving: A Grad School Handbook

Contributing to a handbook that guides PhD students through the economic, social, psychological,  professional, and cultural challenges of grad school.